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Undeferred — Ted Chiles

Undeferred — Ted Chiles.

Undeferred — Ted Chiles

Ted Chiles’ flash fiction has appeared in several literary journals including Northville Review, Smokelong Quarterly, and riverbabble. Vestal Review nominated his story “A Recursive Love Affair” for a 2010 Pushcart. Chiles lives in Santa Barbara, California with a writer and two cats

Masque & Spectacle

We were in the common room of Russell Hall, a freshman men’s dormitory at our small Presbyterian College in Western Pennsylvania waiting for our draft number to be drawn. The room was dark with a few table lamps offering scant illumination. Around a black and white TV against a wall we waited for the show. Three years ago, the draft wouldn’t have troubled us because of the fortunate circumstances of our birth. Our parents had either been born to or climbed to an economic class that almost guaranteed the ability and resources to pay for college and garner us a four-year reprieve. Our homogeneity was not apparent to us because we focused on the minor differences: the length of hair, the attempts at beards and mustaches, shapes of glasses and age of jeans.

The broadcast started and it didn’t resemble the state lottery shows with ping-pong balls sucked up through…

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How 3 Women Take Risks To Achieve Success

The Blog

Would you accept a job offer in a country where you didn’t know the language? What about starting a non-profit while juggling college life? Or auditioning to be a TV show host?

Our featured women this week are not afraid to take risks.

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Quotes about the Muse (Artist and Muse)

are you really just being a-muse-ing with me…?

Aesthetic Blossoming

Photo Credit

Forster, J. (2007). Muses: Revealing the Nature of Inspiration. Harpenden, Herts: Oldcastle Books.
Inspiration can motivate people to carry out feats of imaginative brilliance, to invent entirely new ways of perceiving the world and to create breathtaking works of art, literature or music. And, in the realm of inspiration, one thing is certain muses – have a large role to play. p13
The archetype of the passive news found in Ancient Greece and the Middle Ages has been shed in the centuries sense then; muses have found their voice, and minds have opened to accommodate spiritual, male and mutual muses. p14
When feisty muses and artists get together it can become combustible – like sodium making contact with water. p15
This is inspiration in the context of human relationships and, in many instances, in the context of the love which binds the artist and used together – sometimes across continents, often beyond…

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Opening your shoulders and your heart

Yoga To-Go

I took an amazing yoga workshop this weekend and I felt so inspired and excited by it that I decided to share some things I had learned.

One of the most impactful new pieces of information for me was learning how to really open the shoulders (and thus your heart!). Most of us have really tight shoulders may it be from sitting at a desk or standing all day or carrying heavy stuff or just not opening the shoulders often enough. You can see if your shoulders are not open because they will physically look rounded over the front body or from the back, you may have a little hump back.

This is not wrong, just not what I am asking you to try

Many of us learned to open our shoulders by clasping our hands behind our backs and pulling down. This pulls the shoulders away from your ears…

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Great insights. An inspirational voice.

Yoga To-Go

Recently I made a very big life transition. I left my secure, corporate job in order to teach yoga full time. It was a very scary decision to make. I kept asking myself – Am I really going to give up a steady paycheck and health insurance and the security that money gives me for the unknown and for A LOT less money? But the answer time and time again was YES!

Everything about the decision felt so right, every cell in my body was routing for me and I learned to confront the “fear voice”. Recognizing it, acknowledging it and understanding that it came from the place in my brain that I refer to as the chatter brain. The place where neurons just bounce all around creating thoughts – that is what the mind does. But we as humans have a choice, we can listen to that chatter, to…

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Not Your Mothers Nigerian Scam: The New Face of Terrorism and it’s assault on America

Behind the Yellow Tape

We all heard the stories, gotten the emails and nodded our heads at the seemingly odd amount of overseas missionaries, dignitaries, and even Princes having a great deal of political turmoil and desperately needs YOU  to help them move their money out of the country before the “bad guys” get to it. Of course you are not expected to do all this altruistically. No, in fact there is great reward for those willing to offer their bank account information and some up front cash to help safely get the money to you and give to the owner, minus your seven digit cut.There was a time that all one had to fear was the loss of money and or pride from falling for such a scam and having to explain to friends and family why you are suddenly broke.

It wasn’t until recently that I once again found myself face to face…

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Issue 3: September 2014


IMG_5071Rumbling over Steel
By Ute Carson

I love trains, the slow local and the 200-mile-an-hour express. I have traveled on all sorts of trains over the years. As a child I fled westward from the advancing Soviet army with my family atop an ammunition transport.

There was the old steam engine chugging from Dubrovnik to Sarajevo on a narrow-gauge rail line with village women carrying chickens and lugging baskets of farm produce.

My face was soot-smeared with coal dust blowing in through the open windows.

I have shivered in air-conditioned compartments and perspired next to antiquated radiators. I have savored sumptuous meals in elegant dining cars and munched on snacks on wooden commuter benches. Decades ago, on a trip from Stuttgart to Istanbul I bedded down in a luggage rack strung like a hammock above the compartment seats. And once in a sleeper from London to Glasgow, I was awakened…

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Meaning of Jai Guru Dev



Weekly Knowledge #16  Bangalore Ashram                               27 Sep 1995  India 


 You know there is a Big Mind and a small mind. Sometimes the Big Mind wins over the small mind and sometimes it is the other way around.

 When the small mind wins over, it is misery and when the Big Mind wins, it is joy.

 Small mind promises joy and leaves your hand empty. Big Mind may bring resistance in the beginning but fills you with joy.

 The word Guru means great. Jaya means victory. Deva means one who is fun-loving, playful, light. One who is playful is often not dignified and when one is dignified, he is often not playful.

Jai Guru Dev is victory to the Big Mind in you that is both dignified and playful. That is what Jai Guru Dev means: “Victory to the Greatness in you.”

You do not say victory or hail to…

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Aad Guray Nameh: Meditation to Clear Past Present, and Future

great blog ~ satnam

Yoga Music

MEDITATION: Aad Guray Nameh

Posture: This mantra can be chanted any time, any place. Sitting, standing, walking, swimming, cooking, etc. It doesn’t matter what posture you are in, or what time of day it is.

Breath: The breath will come naturally.

Mantra: Aad Guray Nameh
Jugaad Guray Nameh
Sat Guray Nameh
Siri Guru Dayvay Nameh


by Snatam Kaur

For Sound Clip, Click Below:

Aad Guray Nameh

Sacred Circle

by Amrit Kirtan

For Sound Clip, Click Below:

Aad Guray Nameh


by Deva Premal

For Sound Clip, Click Below:

Aad Guray Nameh

Enchanting Mantras and Mudras

by Dev Suroop Kaur Khalsa

For Sound Clip, Click Below:
Aad Gurey Nameh – Receive Guidance & Protection

Live in Concert

by Snatam Kaur

For Sound Clip, Click Below:

Aad Guray Nameh

Yoga of Sound – Tuning In

by Matamandir Singh

For Sound Clip, Click Below:

Ad Guray Nameh

Meaning of Mantra:…

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